Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, October 2020, Pages 265-404 

Research Paper

Evaluation of quality indices of seed germination and seedling growth of oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) under chemical and organic farming conditions

Pages 265-277


Shirin Nikou; Bahram Mirshekari; Mahmoud Pooryusef Miandoab; Varahram Rashidi; Abdollah Hassanzadeh Ghorttapeh

Evaluation of seed emergence and vigor of three population of Thymus daenensis by different priming technique in greenhouse condition

Pages 341-350


MohammadAli Alizadeh; Nafiseh Hossieni Todashki; Hamid Sobhanian; GholamReza Bakhshi Khaniki; AliAshraf Jafari