Evaluation of seed emergence and vigor of three population of Thymus daenensis by different priming technique in greenhouse condition

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor, Research Institute of Forests and Rangeland, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Tehran, Iran

2 MSc. Student of Agronomy, Payam-e-Noor University, East Branch of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

3 Assistant Professor, Payam-e-Noor University, East Branch of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

4 Professor, Payam-e-Noor University, East Branch of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

5 Professor, Research Institute of Forests and Rangeland, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Tehran, Iran


factorial experiment based on completely randomized design with three replications was conducted in greenhouse of Research Institute of Forests and Rangeland, Tehran, Iran in 2015-2016. The levels of factor A were: three populations of (Thymus daenensis) originated from Lorestan, Markazi and Isfahan province, Factor B were: osmopriming (PEG 0.6 and 0.9 Mpa), hormonal priming (250 and 500 ppm of Auxin), Matrix priming (Zeolite1%), hydropriming (distilled water) and control. The primed seeds were sown on pots and growing in greenhouse. Seed emergence characteristics including of percentage and speed of emergence, root and shoot length, vigor index, seedling fresh and dry weight were measured. The mean comparison three populations of thymus showed that maximum emergence percentage and speed of emergence as (76%, 13.17/sprout/day) were observed in population of 1110-Lorestan.  The effect of treatments on the populations showed that The maximum percentage of emergence and speed of emergence (88%, 15.39/ sprout/day), seedling length  and vigor index (57mm,50), were obtained with priming technique (PEG 0.9 Mpa) in the population of 1110-Lorestan. Also percentage of emergence and speed of emergence (83%, 15/sprout/day) and seedling length, vigor index as (59 mm, 49) of the population of 110-Lorestan were maximum with matrix priming (zeolite). Regarding to result of this research work, it was proved that two priming technique including: Osmo-priming (Polyethylene glycol) and Matrix priming (perlite) were effective method compare with other method. Therefore these two method are recommending for domestication and optical establishment of medicinal plant.


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