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 Iranian Journal of Seed Science and Research

The Iranian Journal of Seed Science and Research publishes articles that are derived from original studies with the purpose or goals related to plant seeds (including vascular, crop, garden, medicinal, rangeland, and weed plants) in full papers. The specialized fields cover Seed Production, Physiology, Ecology, Technology, Post-harvest Physiology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Embryology, Biochemistry, and Certification. The manuscripts will be peer reviewed and printed after approval. The Iranian Journal of Seed Science and Research is published quarterly in Persian (Farsi) language with English Abstract.

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Journal Identity

Science ranking: Scientific - research
Release Period: Quarterly

Issue: Seed Science and Technology

Language: Persian with English abstract

Online ISSN: 2476-3780

Publisher: University of Guilan

Publication place: Guilan University Press

Journal Website: http://jms.guilan.ac.ir

Journal specialty email: jms@guilan.ac.ir

Editor in Chief email: hsamizadeh@yahoo.com

Executive Manager email: smrehteshami@guilan.ac.ir