Dear Referee

Hope you are fine.

The following points are worth mentioning:

In order to review the manuscript, the user ID and password are required. The User ID is the user's email. If you have forgotten the password, click on the "Submit manuscript" or "Sign In" option. Then choose “I have forgotten the password! option.

To change the password, click on the "Change Logon" option after logging in to the Personal Page screen.

If there is no possibility for review, because of a large number of submitted manuscript for review, lack of sufficient opportunity, lack of communication with orientation and expertise, or any other reason, please to collaborate with the journal and expedite the review of manuscripts, refer immediately to the system after receiving the email and select the option (Referee reject) to use the relevant secretary and alternate referee.

If the defined email on the site is not an email that you use every day, please contact with Executive Manager of the journal to disable the previous user ID and define the user ID with the new email in the system.

If you are not interested in reviewing the manuscript, be sure to contact with Executive Manager to discontinue the referee as soon as possible. Also, please, if you would like to review, be sure to select the option "Want to review the manuscripts" and correspond with the executive Manager to be included in the list of referees.

If a typed comment of the referee is long, the review will not be sent and will remain intact. In this case, the referee can write their comment in a separate file without the name and specification and upload it along with the arbitrary file.