Study of anatomical of seed coat infrastructural in some bulbous plants of Zanjan province

Document Type : Research Paper



In order to identification and morphological evaluation of some bulbous plants of Zanjan province, four plant species with local names 'of Matar', 'Comran', 'Musir' and 'Iphlikcheh' was studied in three regions of Zanjan, Tarom and Dandy. The morphological results based on the flora of Iranica, Turkey, colored floraofIranand a taxonomic review of Allium Subg. Melanocrommyum in Iran indicated that 'Matar', 'Comran' and 'Sallot' with scientific names of Allium ubipetrence, Allium atroviolaceum Boiss and Allium jesdianum Boiss, respectively belong to Alliaceae family and 'Iphlikcheh' with scientiific name of Leopoldia comosa belong to Asparagaceae family. The microscopic studies on seed showed that the seeds shape of all species investigated were ovate to broadly ovate but the seed coat pattern was variable. The seed shape of L. comosa was morphologically quite different from the seed shape of other plants.


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