Identification of QTLs related to germination parameters in barley (Hordeum vulgare) under normal, drought and salinity condition

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MSc student of Biotechnology, University of Gonbad Kavoos

2 Associate Professor, University of Gonbad Kavoos

3 Assistant Professor, University of Gonbad Kavoos

4 Agroscope, Switzerland



Seed germination is described as a prominent and important feature of a cultivar. In order to identify QTLs related to barley germination under normal, salinity and drought conditions, 103 F8 families from Crosses of two cultivars, Badia × Kavir, were assessed using completely randomized design in two replications during the 2018-2019, in the botanical laboratory of Gonbad Kavous University, Iran. Number of roots, root length, root weight, coleoptile length, plumule length, plumule weight and germination percentage. Linkage maps were prepared using 152 SSR polymorphic markers, 72 ISSR alleles, 7 IRAP alleles, 29 CAAT alleles, 27 Scot alleles and 15 iPBS alleles. The molecular markers used were attributed to 7 barley chromosomes with a map length of 999.2 centi Morgans (cM). The mean distance between two adjacent markers was 3.387 cM. QTL analysis was performed using composite distance mapping (CIM) for each trait in each environment. In this study, chromosomes 4, 5 and 7 were the most important chromosomes in all three conditions due to the presence of the most QTLs. Under normal conditions 2 major effect QTLs were detected for the coleoptile length (qCLN-5a) and Germination percentage (qGPN-4b) was detected, Under drought stress conditions, 3 major effect QTLs were detected for root length (qRLD-4b) and (qRLD-5) for stem weight (qPWD-4). The results of this research can be used in marker assisted selection programs after determining the validity


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