Effect of priming by salicylic acid and drought stress on seed germination and some physiological characteristics of (Echinacea angustifolia) seedling (Kalat landrac)

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Shahed


In order to evaluate the effect of seed priming with salicylic acid coneflower)Echinacea angustifolia( seedling growth, percentage and speed of germination, length and seedling dry weight, proline and change of catalase activityunder drought stress as a factorial design trial It was conducted with three replications inShahed University of laboratory of seed Science and Technology in 2017. The treatments include salicylic acid in four levels (nonpriming, 5.0, 1 and 2 mM) and drought in four levels (control, -2, -4 and -6 bar). Parameters such as percent germination, seedling dry weight and length, proline and catalase activity were measured.The salicylic acid was effected on increases the measured parameters in concentration 1 mM.The results showed that the best concentration of salicylic acid to counter the effects of drought stress, drought stress was a concentration of 1 mM at low level. Thus, increased levels of stress hormone treatment acorns salicylic acid were not effectiveconcentrations less stress and more positive impact less on dealing with drought stress created.


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