The effect of maternal plant growth environment of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) seed vigore after warehouse storage

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Shahed University


To evaluate the effect of maternal plant growth environment on the establishment and seed vigor of barley (Hordeum vulgare L. cv.Torkaman) after the warehouse storage, an experiment was conducted factorial y based on complete randomized block design in three replications. The irrigation treatments, included full irrigation, moderate stress (witholding flowering stage) and severe stress (witholding from flowering to harvest), and fertilizer treatments includedcontrol (without fertilizer), bio-fertilizer, organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, combination of bio-fertilizer with the chemical fertilizer and combination of organic fertilizer with chemical fertilizers. Seed vigor were measured after five years storage. The drought stress imposed on the mother plant reduced the seedling field emergence after storage, while the plants under moderate drought stress which received the integrated fertilizing system of vermicompost and chemicalfertilizer , in short time (8.25) had the highest seedling field emergence (99.8), although results of the seed vigor and seedling establishment  befor and after storage indicated that germination of the seeds which recieved biological fertilizer alongwith  chemical and grew under mild and severe water stress did not reduce after storage.


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