Effect of Seed Priming and Durability on Germination characteristics and Yield in Maize Cultivar S.C 260 (Fajr)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Urmia

2 University of Kordestan


To evaluate the effects of seed priming and durability on the germination and yield of corn, two separate studies were conducted in laboratory and field conditions. The first experiment, the effect of six priming treatments (priming with tap water, homeopathic urea, zinc sulphate, magnetic water, Aminol Forte and untreated seeds) and Durability of six seed (without lasting, lasting for one, two, three, four, five weeks) On germination characteristics of maize single cross 260 (hybrid Fajr) in 1392 in seed technology laboratory Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kurdistan were studied. In a second experiment, the effect of priming the hybrid Fajr yield during the years 1392 till 1394 were evaluated in Kurdistan University Research Farm. The results showed that by increasing the Durability of characteristics such as germination percentage and speed of germination and seedling vigor index decreased significantly. The reduction of these traits after six weeks, the durability approximately 20, 24 and 77 percent respectively compared to those with no durability. On the other hand priming treatments had no significant effect on germination percentage, but in contrast to tap water, homeopathic urea, zinc and magnetic water priming treatments significantly increases the speed of germination, seedling length, by 14 and 155%, respectively. The results of field experiments show the effect of the above priming treatments were evaluated on yield in all years. Amount of grain yield increased about 12 percent compared to control priming treatments. According to the results, seed priming than no priming has priority that among these tap water treatment has the greatest impact. Also after priming seeds of the plant should act as soon as possible.


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